Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hebrews 1 What does it say about God?

A list of what I learned about God from Heb 1
1:1 He speaks to us
      He spoke to the prophets
1:2  He speaks to us through His Son
       He promised that Jesus inherited everything
1:3  He uses Jesus to show us his glory
       He uses Jesus to show us his character
       He is majestic
       His right side is a place of honor
1:4  He named Jesus
       He named the angels
1:5  He calls Jesus his son
      He does not call angels his kids
      He named himself, Father to Jesus
1:6  He told the angels to worship Jesus
1:7  He directs the angels like he does the wind
       He sees the angels as servants not his children
1:8  He calls Jesus, "God"
       He tells Jesus that Jesus' throne will endure forever
       He tells Jesus that He,Jesus, rules with Justice
1:9  He has annointed Jesus because Jesus loves justice and hates evil
       He gave Jesus more joy than anyone
1:10  He calls Jesus Lord
       He acknowledges Jesus as creator
1:11, 12 He says Jesus lives forever and never changes

     Hmmmm, now what do I do with that info? How does it apply to my life and yours?  Ya, it may not be new info to me or you so it can be ya ya ya, I know but how can we make it mean something today?  Here's an idea....
       I'm so glad you speak to us! Help me to recognize your voice through what I learn through Jesus since Jesus is the Word and He left the Holy Spirit to remind us of what He said when he went to chill with you in heaven.
     I recognize Jesus you are God. Help me to love justice, even when I'm the recipient of your correction. Help me to hate evil and recognize it even if it's from my own mouth it tries to show itself. 
    So, you were annointed with joy?  Hmm never thought of that, all the movies I've seen you seemed calm and serious. I want to be like you in that way, I want lots of joy and I want to laugh more.  Help me remember the things I read about you in Heb 1 as I go through my day and let me learn to love what you have to say.

If you want homework...make a list of what you learn about Jesus in Heb 1. :)

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