Friday, June 17, 2011

A little info about Angels according to Heb 1

1:4  They are not greater than Jesus
        God is the one who named them
        Their names are less important than Jesus' name
1:5  They are not children of God
1:6  They were told by God to worship Jesus
1:7  They are sent by God, just like he sends the wind
        They are God's servants
        They are referred to as flames of fire
1:13  They don't have the same place of honor as Jesus
1:14  They are only servants
         They are sent to care for the people who end up surrendering their lives to Jesus and will be saved.

   From other scripture I know angels have many other jobs and even speak, but, the focus is Heb 1 so I guess the point today is to be careful not to consider angels more important that Jesus and to know that angels are not people we once knew, they are seperate beings. My prayer today is that God will send his angels to do their work in and around the lives of those I know who haven't yet surrendered their way to His way. 
   I plan to read Heb 2 next. Don't expect me to keep up this everyday posting pace, so, do whatever pace fits you.  Please join in and share what comes to mind and we will learn that God is speaking to us not only through scripture but through each other.

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